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Meet your detailer


Hello, my name is Oscar but my friends call me OG and you can too! I am the owner and operator of GLAMR GARAGE and I am excited that you have taken the time to view my page.

I started this business in 2023 with a simple goal; to be bold. What do I mean by that? Throughout my childhood I had always expressed my creative side through bright colors. Whether that was clothes, shoes, or even my own art work. As I grew older that creative energy was then transferred over to my own personal cars as I was influenced (like many kids at the time) by the Fast and Furious movies. At this stage in life I grew an appreciation for cars and wanted to experience what true automotive engineering was really about. I’ve spent the last 10 years learning and growing a passion for detailing which all started when I bought my first car, a 1998 Acura Integra back in 2013. By this point I knew that I wanted to be in the automotive space when I grew up. I never thought it would end up being detailing as somehow, someway, I ended up in a cubicle. LOL! My professional experience over the last decade ranged from retail, sales, insurance, accounting and multifamily real estate. The dream of ever owning my own auto spa was just a thought that I entertained every time I detailed my own vehicle. My professional career was taking up the majority of my capacity and I quickly found myself, like many folks who start businesses, simply getting tired of my job. I wanted more control and ownership of my life. I wanted to build something that was fun but also added value to others. So I took the leap of faith, quit my "good job" and focused on making this venture a reality for me.

I wanted my business to be representative of my personality along with my inner creativity *enter the color pink* Why pink? Its obnoxious. Exactly what I was going for! Oh, and because you simply cant have ANY other color when your business represents anything that is "glamorous". I vowed that everything I do with this venture will be done using that childlike creativity while mixing in all of the skills and qualities I've gained in my professional career to bring you an experience through my detailing services. Here at GLAMR GARAGE we pride ourselves in providing you with the best mobile detailing services possible and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied.

I am beyond grateful to share my excitement with you through our detailing services and I look forward to stewarding a future relationship and serving you in the near future.

With love,